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In my world of creativity, every stroke, every note, and every word weaves a piece of my soul's tapestry. Life itself serves as the canvas, eagerly awaiting the infusion of our stories, dreams, and emotions to grant it vibrant color. My artistic journey, like any, dances between the brilliance of light and the shadow of imperfections. It's these very flaws that lend depth to my work. In moments of solitude, I delve deep into the human experience, threading stories, composing melodies, and painting dreams onto the canvas of existence. Yet, my art finds its true purpose in sharing. I extend an invitation for others to step into my world, forging connections through the creations we explore together. In this collaboration, I craft a shared masterpiece, a celebration of the boundless power of expression. So, let's continue to create with an unwavering passion, for my art embodies the essence of our very being. Life's canvas knows no boundaries of size but rather thrives in the emotions and

Mary's artistic lineage weaves a mesmerizing tale within her family's tapestry. Even at the tender age of five, she fearlessly sketched her very first dress, igniting a spark that would forever shape her creative journey. Guided by her mother, a skilled fashion designer and masterful tailor, the dress took form, carefully sewn with meticulous precision, etching vibrant memories of its carefully chosen hues and embellished buttons deep into Mary's consciousness.

Immersed in her mother's world of artistic alchemy, Mary became a silent observer, enchanted by the symphony of creativity that unfolded before her. As her mother deftly wove fabrics and conjured enchanting garments, a fierce desire blossomed within Mary, an unyielding yearning to carve her own path in the realm of design.

With unwavering dedication, Mary embarked on a transformative journey of self-discovery. She earned a BA in painting, immersing herself in the exploration of brushstrokes and the interplay of color. Fueled by a relentless pursuit of excellence, she delved deeper, achieving mastery through the captivating pursuit of a master's degree in Illustration. Drawing from her profound background in visual arts and graphic design, Mary emerges as an artist adorned with a kaleidoscope of talents, poised to leave an indelible mark and breathe life into her boundless creativity.

With each stroke of her brush and every pixel meticulously placed, Mary embodies the convergence of raw talent and unwavering passion. She stands poised and ready, armed with her diverse skill set, to transcend boundaries, captivate hearts, and weave her own tapestry of artistic brilliance—a testament to her unique artistic voice and unparalleled vision.

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MARY KIAN illustrator AND graphic designer
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